Research Services

January 2nd, 2015

We help to select efficient methods for separation/recovery of materials/minerals.

We help in selecting solution chemistry (select reagents, flocculants/polyelectrolytes, frothers, etc.) in flotation, sedimentation and aggregation of particles.

We help to formulate stable suspensions and emulsions.

We help to solve the problems with adhesion/sticking, contamination, modification, etc., of surfaces.

We help to predict behavior of liquid (molten solid) and stability of coating on surfaces of materials.


Characterization and Separation

A variety of services in characterization and separation of materials can be carried out through Micro Techno Solutions:

  1. Measurements of dynamic and static contact angles, combined with advanced analysis of solid surface free energy and its components;
  2. Imaging, elemental and phase analyses of materials, including minerals, using SEM, EDS, XRD, AFM, and other techniques;
  3. Study adhesion of fine particles using AFM technique;
  4. Liberation of minerals through crushing, grinding, screening and mineralogical analysis;
  5. Gravity, magnetic and flotation separation tests for minerals and materials.

We have access to instrumentation, equipment and facilities of the Institute of Materials Processing and Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory at Michigan Technological University.