Seminars and Workshops

January 2nd, 2015

Jaroslaw Drelich Seminar

Jaroslaw Drelich – Seminar on Surface Forces

Surfaces and interfaces are everywhere, and each branch of industry needs to deal with them.

We offer seminars, workshops and consulting on the following, as well as related topics:

  1. Wetting phenomena, contact angle measurements, and their modern interpretation
  2. Interfacial engineering
  3. Colloid science
  4. Adhesion of fine particles to surfaces
  5. Manipulation of surfaces and interfaces in processing of materials and minerals
  6. Water loving and water hating surfaces and coatings
  7. Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces: explosion of new products
  8. Surface forces and their control

The scope and content of a seminar or workshop is adjusted to suit the needs of the company. Past seminars were offered to clients in mining and mineral processing, materials recycling, automotive, electronic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Contact us to discuss your needs.